Stacey's Bio

This information is currently being updated so please check back soon because I need more time to hum and haw over what embarrassing stories to remove...

Like, do you really need to know about my short-lived CFL cheerleading days back in '98? Or the time when I told my high school social studies teacher that answering multiple choice questions was neither social nor studious... Or the time when I was fired from the music store for raising my eyebrow at my boss in front of other staff. Yeah, (sigh!) lesson learned. (Kind of.)

Naw, you don't need to know all that. You came here expecting to be wowed by professional details.  Maybe you'd rather know that I used to be a kindergarten teacher and before that I was an Executive Assistant at a national television station. But you're probably not interested to know that an apron I sewed won me a sewing machine, or that I studied photography before it all became digital...

Or that I also have a fun craft business with my friend Jen where we sew Shoovelope'sTM (cute little bags to carry around that extra pair of shoes to work, to the gym or in your suitcase!)

Don't worry, I know what you're after. When you check back, this bio page will be filled with all the glorious professional information that makes my Mum and my man so proud.

It will probably list my Bachelor of Fine Arts and my Bachelor of Education. I might talk about when I was on the Board of Directors with the Kamloops Arts Council, or when I created and presented a workshop called The Language of Art: Assessing Art to integrate new ministry curriculum for Peel District School Board teachers. You will probably read about my days as an Education Coordinator for Scholars Education Centre - a tutoring franchise, or my time as a Workshop Assistant for an amazing corporate training company in Toronto called Experience It!

Yup, boring stuff like that. ;o)