Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Genius Little Soul desperately seeking YOU

Why on earth do we refuse help when we need it?
Are we too proud?
Are we afraid that if we accept help we would have to admit that we need help?
Do we even really know that we could use help?
Why don't we see it like we see higher education - an investment in our future and a way to leverage ourselves to the next elevation?
Are we just not opportunistic?
Have we been taught like good little girls, to not to take too much?
Do we like being martyrs and victims?
Are we afraid of failure so we keep ourselves disadvantaged so we don't have to take responsibility for being a failure OR for being a success?
Do we refuse the help so we can blame it on that other thing, that thing that is not ourselves?


And it's time we smartened up people! 

We have no idea how many people in the world, how many communities, families, women and children in our future hinge on our success today. We don't know how many people there are out there who need us to pull ourselves out of bed today, get our sh!t together and be what our souls are meant to be. We have no idea of the people in our future who could be served by our spirit's Genius.

So how dare we refuse to fight for our Genius Little Soul! This precious, passionate and curious thing that resides in us and connects us to the Universe. How DARE we NOT go kicking and screaming through life, fighting to protect and nurture our soul so it can have a voice and an earthly vessel. How dare we starve our Universal Genius and tell it that it does not matter, or that it's not important! How dare we refuse to give birth to it and release its glory and kindness and compassion and curiosity and LOVE upon the world. How dare we keep this Genius Little Soul of ours selfishly locked up, suffocating and cancering inside of us.

For the truth is that our Genius Little Soul is the key to unlocking someone elses Genius Little Soul 

and THEIR Genius Little Soul is the key to unlocking another's

and another's...

And so on and so forth.

For ever and ever...


Photo courtesy of Monarch Butterfly Information

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