Monday, April 23, 2012

Everyone is Important, Just Not Here

Knowledge is not proprietary anymore. It is no longer exclusive. If you can get on the internet, you can learn anything you want to know. If knowledge is not proprietary anymore then everyone can learn to be an expert.

And then there's this other amazing thing about the internet: everyone's opinion can be heard now. Anyone can start a blog, email their opinion, send in their idea, "Like" or "Follow" something. Everyone's opinion has some merit even if we don't agree with it. It's all just feedback you see.

Let it be known that the internet has made your opinion valid and showed you that your voice is important. So feel free to say what's on your mind and make sure your voice is heard. Be empowered!

Just don't do it at work, where you spend 40+ hours every week of your life. At work you represent a financial burden to your employer and your opinion is only as important as your status.

But that's not your workplace, is it?

Your employees are engaged... aren't they...?

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