Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training + Development = Great Strategic Investment

As a Training and Development professional, I am often asked about the ROI for workplace learning. They want to know, "Is learning really that valuable to my business?"


Well, yeah!

Learning = Success and Growth (aka: Greatness)

Is success valuable to your organization? Is growth?

Companies either have a mindset for success and growth or they don't. It's a shame for those that don't because time marches on and the options are simple: move with the times or eat the dust from the competition.

Both training and development are neccessary; one supports success and the other supports growth.

Training defines boundaries so people know what's safe and how to be successful.
Training helps people learn how to behave or complete tasks correctly.
Effective training is task specific, timely and positively reinforces behaviour.

On the other hand,
Development expands our boundaries so people can grow and become better.
Developing people helps them learn new and better ways to behave or complete tasks.
The most effective development is personally relevant, inviting and playful.

So, what's the return on an investment in learning? Answer: Success and growth.

What's your strategy for success and growth?

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