Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Skill: With SMART Goals She Can GROW

There are a million kajillion tips and tricks out there to help focus and improve personal development. Check out any self help, corporate training or personal coaching website and you are bound to run across a handful. There is so much content out there that even training guru Thiagi suggests that you don't need to recreate content in this You Tube video. Please note: It's an extremely long video but very interesting. Especially the part where he discusses developing and facilitating a leadership training workshop in just three days (approx 48 mins into the video.)

Although I'm not new to this adult learning, corporate training business, I am stepping up my game and spending a lot of time reading and processing lately. My biggest concern with all this content? How will I ever remember all of the great ideas that are out there when I need them??

And let me just take a moment to share how astounded I am to realize that many of the corporate training ideas (or adult learning practises) I've uncovered lately are the same ideas that I learned how to use while teaching kindergarten a few years back, go figure. All I really need to know I DID learn in kindergarten. Huh! How do you like them apples! But I digress...  

I wish somewhere there was a list of all the useful learning tips and tricks ever imagined, all in one place. Can someone please get on that? I want a searchable database of all the learning ideas and tools teachers, coaches, instructors and learners everywhere might ever need. All in one place so I never have to think, where did I read about that great idea? Was it in my Mum's dusty file folders from her 30+ years teaching public school? Or was it online and did I save it to Evernote? Or was it an idea I saw in a book written by someone I don't remember the name of now...?

In the absence of the learning tools database that someone out there must surely be working on, I feel the need to list two tools here. Both have been around the block to school and back a couple of times already but that's fine, if they're helpful at some point down the road, I'll thank myself.

I first heard of SMART goals in the corporate world over a decade ago and just today I ran across the GROW model of problem solving/goal setting. Here they are... The "Coles Notes" version.

S - make Specific goals
M - make them Measurable
A - make them Attainable and Accessible
R - make them Relevant to the task/problem/person at hand
T - make them Time bound so there is an end date to aim for
E - Evaluate the progress, pitfalls and success once the time has ended
R - Re-evaluate and if hopefully Reward yourself

G - define the Goal
R - understand the Reality of the current situation
O - pinpoint the Obstacles and discuss the Options
W - confirm that there is a Will to change and figure out the Way forward
S - celebrate Success

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