Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Skill: The Devil is in the Details

Today I finally figured out how to deactivate my account on and since their Contact Us form would not accept my full message, I've decided to post it here instead.

I found this site a week or two ago. I can't remember how or what link brought me there but boy has it been an interesting experience since! When I arrived on the site, it must have been at 2-3 page views in when it asked me for a bunch of information inorder to proceed. It was too early to be asking for all my info so I left the page and thought I'd left the site. Nope! Too late! Apparently I'd already been subscribed to upto 5 emails a week! (#CanadianLawIsOptIn)

Once I realized I had inadvertently signed up for a bunch of emails I did not want, it occured to me that the jobs I was being emailed were NOT EVEN Canadian!? Wow. (#LowUnderhandedDirty)

So somehow a site that advertises that it's Canadian but is NOT, now has a bunch of my information and is sending me way too many emails. Ugh. So I unsubscribed. Good riddance I though, that site was bunk.

But The Cat Came Back the very next day. Yes indeed, I thought the emails were a gonner but nope, they kept coming...

So today I finally logged back in (only after requesting my password to be sent to me -and lets just say I certainly did not pick that one!) and found the Account Settings area to Deactivate my account. Here's hoping I will be completely removed from CanadianJobForce's
  • lying (about being Canadian,)
  • cheating (me into signing up for emails unknowingly,) and
  • stealing (my information) site.

To you guys may be the next Monster or Workopolis but I won't be buying in. You've missed all the details that make for a credible and trusted site. Clean up your act and grow some integrity balls.

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